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Well, hey there, folks! Yep, I'm back again--only took a few months this time, instead of years! Played a couple more Crawlspace shows since last time, had to leave my Granada Hills residence of 15 years, got my car impounded by the pigs, lost my mind a couple times, found it again--you know, not much happening! I'm especially happy about the Uncle Jim Q&A this time around--read it and get wise, guys! (Thanks, Alvarius!) Now on to some mighty handsome pix of the Crawlspace boys. How can you RESIST, ladies?! Git on gone this way. . . .

* * *

CRAWLSPACE at Grady's Record Refuge, Ventura, 11/21/09. Joe Dean (bass), Eddie Flowers (voice), Bob Lee (drums), Greg Hajic (guitar). DJ O.S. D'vil is just barely visible, wearing wrestling mask, on left side way in back behind a PA speaker. Photos from this show by Grady Runyan.

This Ventura show was one of our best ever--in my non-humble opinion. The VERY mellow country-ish vibe set everything up perfectly. Plus Grady's is one of THE coolest record shops I've ever walked into. Mind-blowing for "the middle of nowhere." Grady Runyan's a super dude too--yeah, the guy from the Bad Trips and Liquorball and the mighty Monoshock (YEAH!) The recent Liquorball LP with Scott Mackay (yeah the Stooges guy) is pretty hot in that free-freak kinda way--turn it up loud, man! Also got a Monoshock CD of that group's singles and stuff--played many times as I packed up and exited Granada Hills at the end of last year. Classic grunge-killing Stooge-rock.

Our opening act was Deep Magic, in fact one scruffy young fellow named Alex Gray. He uses a wide range of electronic and acoustic instruments to create a feel-good slow-move hover-thing that moves so slowly that so do you. Joe Dean and I sat on the floor right in front of Alex. Beautiful (not)-rockin' circlin' chirpin' lowerin'. Later, Alex played with us on some weird small sax (and other stuff) for the last couple Crawlspace jams. When I saw it, I asked him to use it for the Crawlspace jam. He said it had a busted reed, so he'd rather use another instrument. At that, I insisted he use the cracked horn! Sounded great! Alex also dragged along a bunch of local kids, including some real cute chicks. Hubba!
Joe groovin' to Deep Magic's hover--in the GOSPEL zone (heh).
Doug Miller and his better half Laura drove all the way from L.A., and provided a cool cosmic link to me 'Space them in round-about ways. Umm. Well, I remember afterwards trading DMT stories--heh-heh! And thanks, of course, to DJ O.S. D'vil. He and I crafted special "easy listening" turntable interludes, which included everything from Can and the inevitable Martin Denny to Merle Haggard and David Allan Coe. What a great night! A couple local cops even observed from the distance until they got bored. Good clean country chaos! Hey to Brad Knox, who did a great video of the show that should be available in the near future as a Slippy Town DVD. Thanks to Hanni Hajic too, who also videotaped the show. And a big shout-out to everybody else who made the scene. Okay now, y'all, shake it--don't fake it!

* * *

CRAWLSPACE at Grady's Record Refuge, Ventura, 2/20/10. Eddie, Grady Runyan sittin' in on 2nd guitar, Joe, Greg's back, invisible Bob. Psychodelic photo by O.S. D'vil using Grady's camera.
Back to Grady's--YEAH!!! Gotta tell ya, I love being in Ventura, and this was once again a blast and a half! We played another good set, with Grady sittin' in on second guitar for the last half hour or so--great shit! Opening act Rippy Teddys was a primal psychedelic jam band made up of four local young'uns playing instrumental, movin' freely, circlin', strobin', throwin' good stuff through the air--nice to see some young hippies who know how to do it RIGHT! Speaking of young'uns, there wuz some real pretty young ladies there too! Two of 'em even dared speak to big bad Crawlin' Ed. So, hey to dark'n'cute Mal, who threw Mardi Gras beads and coins back and forth with/at me during the show. And thanks for the gift--my "WILL WORK FOR WEED" sign, um, worked! And also thanks to lovely Elizabeth for the kind words: "You guys kick ass!" Hope to see y'all again when we get back to Ventura! Thanks again to Grady and everybody else. Keep it floatin', folks----

Eddie w/ Mardi Gras beads, Grady, Joe, Greg, little bit o' Bob on the drums. Another pic by O.S. D'vil.

Grady, Joe, Bob. Pic by D'vil.

* * *

Meanwhile . . . SLIPPY TOWN HAS RECEDED back into the 1969 Hendrix poster that has marked my physical space since I was 12 years old. Gone from Granada Hills, and before that Van Nuys, Palms (West L.A.), Hollywood, and Jackson, Alabama. The Hendrix poster is currently in an unknown storage space--The Ark is intact! My "real world" space is in a secret location, very much NOT Slippy Town, but my host is kind. Slippy Town, of course, is in MY MIND, in the figurative heart, in the ever slippery hope. And yours too, if you want it. All you gotta do is - - -

But Slippy Town will continue in spite of its lack of material presence--maybe even because of . . . woo-HOOOoooo!

Slippy Town official new TEMPORARY space recognized established realized idealized (re-)founded on April 28--HENDRIX POSTER (Ark) pinned to the wall of my still secret location. This place is too small and too L.A., but the magic must return--Jimi beams down on me again! Pass it this way, bud. Put down the bottle for a few moments of spacetime. Never say ever! Come on come on!

FOLLOW-UP TO SPECIAL UPDATE: New physical space still desired--like a bigger bedroom and some common living-room type area (current situation has no such thing), and yeah, if possible, space for band jams and recording (but that's not a necessity). You can consider this Slippy Town's first classified ad--LOOKING FOR HOUSE OR APT. TO SHARE--Slippy Town is seeking itself: space. Yeah yeah. Rock noise hiphop jazz blues hillbilly psych heavy east/west funk punk raw improv afro gogo tribal pop latin anglo, mellow 420 (HAHA!), etc. Seriously, if you need a roommate in the general L.A/Valley./Ventura/Santa Barbara green corridor, drop me a line: SLIPPYTOWN@EARTHLINK.NET

* * *

FLASH! Super CRAWLSPACE NEWS -- dateline June 13!!!

Live show on June 18th at The Crest, 1625 Cabrillo Avenue, in Torrance CA! We play at 9:00 p.m. Also on the bill: Sylvia Juncosa, The Gears, Million Kids, and The Livingstons. And even MORE NEWS: Grady Runyan is now our official second guitarist, and this will be his first full set with Crawlspace! Be there!!!

* * *

Besides all the good folks mentioned above, also sendin' greetings out to Kelly Burnette, Brian Abundis, Alan Bishop, Sylvia Juncosa, Michael Row, Todd Homer, Larry Copcar, Keith Telligman, Allen Clark, Bob Richert, Byron Coley, Stephen Painter, Kenne Highland, Jim O'Hare, Long Gone John, and anybody else who gives a good goddamn!

Later, gators! ----EF

June 14, 2010


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