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R.I.P. 1950-2006

Rick was a rock writer in the 70s and 80s, known mostly for his stuff in Creem. Personally, he was my reviews editor at Sunrise, a hippie-type mag from Illnois that I wrote for as a teenager. I talked to him on the phone every few months from '75 through '77. He was a nice guy--and funny. In the pages of Creem, he was also a champion of my teenage band the Gizmos. He did a small piece in the front section before our first EP was released. When the EP did come out, we were shocked to see that it was the Creem "Sleeper Of The Month," with a review by Rick. I just heard the news that he died a few months ago. Bummer.

Poor Syd----seems like he's been dead for more than 30 years anyway. But Arthur Lee--oh man! His death really got to me. Maybe it's because he never disappeared like Syd. I remember when I first moved to L.A., blasting Forever Changes in my tiny Hollywood apartment. That album felt like L.A. to me, even in 1979/1980. And I saw Arthur live two different times. The first was at the Hong Kong Cafe in '79 or '80. It was surprisingly good, covering his entire career. He was lucid, and his then current version of Love was good. The second time was in '81 or '82. Very dark and not right. Arthur's former Love partner Bryan MacLean was the opening act. Arthur and Bryan came out together at the beginning, and did a stunning version of "Alone Again Or," with just Bryan playing acoustic guitar. Then Bryan's band started their very dull set. Arthur kept trying to come back on stage, and finally Bryan was just waving him away. It was sad to see. Then Arthur and his latest version of Love took the stage. It was loose and rambling--not very good--Arthur was improvising lyrics about "New York Shitty." Eventually he left the stage, and the band just kept jamming. My bud Billy Ray and I waited for awhile to see if Arthur would come back on stage, then decided to get some beer and drive back to my place to drink. When we walked in the liquor store across the street from the Whisky, Arthur Lee was also there, alone, buying beer! The band was still jamming away, waiting for him to come back on stage. I wonder if he ever did. Weird night.

* * *


200LBU Blog
This is the online version of Tony Rettman's long-running (but seldom-published) fanzine 200 Lb. Underground. I don't know most of the new stuff he writes about these days, but who cares--he's a good rock writer in a world that has way too many extremely bad rock writers.

Dick Destiny Blog
George "Dick Destiny" Smith led the Highway Kings and edited Chainsaw fanzine in the 80s. Now his blog covers 70s-style hard-rock and scary "national security affairs."

MC5 Gallery
Killer site with an especially cool gallery of concert posters. Plus photos, reviews, a timeline, discography, lyrics, downloadable video, Jay Kinney's 1971 Young Lust comic strip about White Panther lovers with a Rob Tyner cameo, and LOTS more!!!

The Angry Samoans
Official Metal Mike site for one of the all-time great punk-rock bands (and yep, they were friends of mine). Lots of stoopid shit here to amuse: Metal Mike's "official" scrapbook, lyric sheets, good links, etc. Too bad the site hasn't been updated for over three years.

The Hollywood Squaretet
Intense free jazz and comedic eruptions from Kenny Kawamura, Todd Homer (formerly of the Angry Samoans and Mooseheart Faith), and Larry Copcar. I hear they've recently done some jamming with Joe Baiza on guitar!

12 Cent Donkey
A.k.a. Steve Painter and Rick Breault, a great Boston duo who "specialize" in the non-genre of ambient-swamp-haze. Dig their Gulcher CD.

Green Acres
My all-time favorite TV show! If you know the show, you'll remember how Oliver Wendall Douglas is always being accused of drinking too much (and he always denies it). My theory is that the distorted, surreal view of everyday life which provides this show with its yuks is just Oliver's drunken view of reality. Kinda like Harvey--y'know? Yep, it's "the place to be."

Vic Mizzy

The man who did the music for Green Acres, The Addams Family, F Troop, Mister Ed, and the 1960s Don Knotts movies: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Reluctant Astronaut, etc. His music made all those flesh-and-blood cartoons come to unreal life.

* * *

Anyway, that's it for this issue. I'll try to get to #3 a little quicker, but hey, this is a fanzine, even if it's on your computer screen. Fast'n'loud sounds good, but patience is still a virtue! Right on! See ya next time. Love 'n peace - - - -

--Eddie Flowers

* * *


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